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Pizza Cake
  • Pizza Cake

    Scrumptious multi-layered pizza cake straight out ...

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  • Creamy Supper Spice

    Mouthwatering blend of Creamy Sauce with Chicken,J...

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  • Malai Tikka

    Homemade supreme sauce with Tikka chicken, onions ...

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  • European Classic

    A Delicious Combination of Chicken Sausage, Smoked...

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  • Beef O Garlic

    Mouth Watering Combination of Spicy Beef with Yumm...

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  • Chick O Garlic

    Mouth Watering Combination of Spicy Chicken with Y...

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  • Margrita

    A Combination of Pure Mozzarella Cheese & Tomato

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  • Sicilians Classic

    An Exotic Spicy Experiences which will Stuff you t...

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  • Veggie Supreme

    A Delightful Experiences of Onions, Green Peppers,...

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  • Super Classic

    A Tasty Combination of All Favorite Roasted Chicke...

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  • Beef Classic

    An Exotic Taste Developed With a Combination of Pe...

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  • Chicken Classic

    A Classical Combination of Spicy Chicken,Smoked Ch...

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  • Tikka Feast

    A Blend of Onion & Traditional Chicken Tikka

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  • Pepperoni Passionate

    Passion for Passionate Pepperoni Fans with Double ...

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  • Fajita Feast

    A Delicious Combination of Chicken Fajita with Oni...

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  • BBQ Delight

    Tangy bbq sauces with smoke chicken,succulent roas...

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  • Tandoori Hot

    Mouth Watering Hot & Tasty Recipe of Tandoori Chic...

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  • Mayo Feast

    Baked with succulent cheese & abundant mouth full ...

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Thrill your tastebuds

Our fresh flavoring pizzas will trigger your temptation that will let you fight for the last slice and will satisfy your cravings. Once tasted, never forgotten